Saturday Savings: Kendra Scott

I’d like to introduce you to “Saturday Savings”, my first weekly segment I decided to implement.  Since I’m a sucker for finding the latest deals, savings, and sales, I’d like to share what I find with you lovely readers. Saving money is one of my favorite things to do. Who doesn’t enjoy saving a little extra cash when you can?

This week I discovered something glorious: Kendra Scott gives shoppers 50% off one item during their birthday month! That’s right. You have your entire birthday month to pop in and buy any of the fabulous items for half off. Did you know this? I sure didn’t until my BFF told me about it.

I absolutely love Kendra Scott jewelry for their unique designs and vibrant variety of colors. Typically on the higher side of what I like to spend on jewelry, when I heard about this cool savings I just HAD to go get myself something.

Here’s what I chose.


Elle Earrings in Violet.

Originally $52, I purchased these beautiful ‘Elle’ earrings for a grand total of $28. What a steal!

Just a quick note: I never received an email or a postcard in the mail reminding me about the savings. All you have to do is show them your ID so they can verify that it’s actually your birthday month.

Enjoy and Happy Savings!


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Is it possible using this discount at multiple locations?

    1. Good question. The technically only look at your ID. I’ve never seen them input in to a computer that you have already used your discount. I guess it’s worth a shot.

  2. Is there any way to get this discount online? I don’t love near a store but I love her jewelry!

    1. I don’t believe so. You are required to show your id in store as proof of your birthday . :/ Sorry about that! I’d contact customer service to see if they can give you an online code just in case.

  3. Can a guy get a 50% on his birthday?

    1. Yes! No gender discrimination here 😛 Thanks for asking!

  4. Great tip, thanks! Is this online also, or in store only?!

    1. No problem! All you have to do is go in to the store during your birthday month and show them your ID at checkout.

  5. How do I do the birthday promo?

    1. All you have to do is go in to the store during your birthday month and show them your ID at checkout. 🙂

  6. jessica le · · Reply

    if my son has a birthday, can he buy one for me or a girlfriend too?

    1. Yep! All they need is to see an ID that shows that your birthday is that month.

  7. I had no idea! What a great tip, thank you.

    1. You’re mighty welcome. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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